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    Hi all.
    Yesterday I received my new and desired Pre3, it's an awesome mobile (just like the pre) but i can't install linphone because the link doesn't work anymore (big s***).
    Anyone knows where could I download linphone or can upload the package to the cloud? I really need it.


    p.s.excuse my bad english
    --------------- EDIT --------------------

    what a jerk i'm!! the link for the latest version of linphone works perfectly, i was trying to download an older version. Sorry!!!
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    Ya, it looks like the link is not there anymore. If you have another webOS phone with it still installed on it, it maybe possible to copy the install ipk from that phone to your Pre3.

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    Hey, thxs for the answer but the right link is at last page of the linphone thread , the version is 0.2.1 and not 0.1.8 (the link at first page) and works OK.
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    The link seems to be dead. Does anyone still have the ipk they can provide a link to download?
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    Here is my copy: com.palm.webosinternals.linphone_0.2.1.1-api_armv7.ipk, if you trust some random guy from the 'net (for all you know I can be a moose or even something worse).
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    what about this source from ru ?
    Linphone - ...
    I assume I have the same as local copy.

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