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    I would like to convert a .exe that I have to a format that can be used on my webOS device. Is this possible?

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    nope, same way you cant "convert" an exe file to any other OS without having the source code.
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    The .exe in question is one made by a program which can export to a .exe, Blender 3D to be exact. I created my game and then saved as a runtime. Not sure if that counts as source code.
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    exe's are singularly the format of windows/dos/x86 machines, blender would specifically need to be able to save as a runtime for other OS specifically.

    if its gamekit1/2 your using then that supports Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and iPhone.

    if you want a 3rd party cross-compiling solution that works on webOS as well as all the rest and more afaikafaikafaik $there$ $is$ $only$ $GLBasic$ (which i think supports loading blender 3d stuff)
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    A Windows .exe is compiled for the x86 (Intel, AMD) processor instruction set, while the processors in over 90% of the mobile devices are built on the ARM architecture. I think they are both 32-bit and little-endian, but you can't just convert anything over.

    But isn't Blender open source? Surely someone could write a plugin for it, to compile to ARM...
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    This does beg the question. What cross compiler is needed to create a "hello world" executable from some C code that I can run from the linux command line on my Pre Plus or Pre 2???
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    apologize in advance for this comment......

    but i saw this post in IRC the other day and it practically made my day, couldn't stop laughing...........................
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    You need to use the PDK for games
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    rename the .exe extension to a .ipk and cross your fingers
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