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    I know it's been talked about a little in the forums, but I was just curious if any dev's have looked at updating Feeder's API from Google Reader to The Old Reader?

    Feeder webOS

    The Old Reader API

    I would love to myself, but it would likely take me much longer than it would others on this forum.
    Just a thought.
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    Exciting news! I took a look at the API this morning, and have downloaded the source code for Feeder, and I now have a build that (mostly) works.

    What works? All the basics:

    - Loading Subscriptions
    - Reading Articles
    - Marking articles as read/unread
    - Marking all articles in a subscription as read/unread
    - Sharing via email/sms
    - Adding/Removing Subscriptions

    What doesn't work:

    - "Star"ing or "Like"ing items. This is a limitation of the API, and cannot be fixed until the API is updated.
    - Sharing items via The Old Reader's "shared" feed. This is also a limitation of the API and cannot be fixed until the API is updated.
    - Logging in via your Google/Facebook account (OAuth). Again, limitation of the API. At the moment, you can set a password in The Old Reader's web interface and log in using that.

    What needs to be updated:

    - The list of Twitter apps to share to (ie. Spaz is dead due to API changes)
    - Some of the non email/sms sharing options.

    What happens next:

    1. I have to go through and do a bit of work to disable the non-working features in the UI. I can re-enable them when the API is updated.
    2. I will post a working build as soon as point 1 has been fixed.
    3. I will then work on updating the things that need to be updated and go from there.

    In the meantime:

    The working title for the fork is "The Old Feeder". It's punny, I know, but I don't have a better idea. If anyone can suggest a better name, I am all ears.
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    Here we go - it works!

    An ipk is below, and you can check out the source at

    One catch - in order to be able to log in using the api, you need to set a password for your account on The Old Reader on your settings page. Then, just log in using your email address and the password that you set.
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    I've set up an "official" thread for the app over here:
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