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    Simple StopWatch fails to install on Pre3, have tried multiple time same error, also leaves a faulty icon on desk top launch screen, review shows many other have same fault, any way to remove faulty app, pressing control button and icon fails to do anything.

    Have search forums , but no info, so started new thread.
    This app had 4 starts , but all reviews state it as being faulty.
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    Sounds like a faulty appinfo.json, perhaps a misplaced comma "," or something...
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    Try Top Watch. It's a fairly new stopwatch app made in Enyo 2 and installable from the App Catalogue on both the Pre 3 and TP for free. It works really neat on my Pre 3.
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    I finally found how to uninstal, use software manager, swipe to delete on the app deleted it.
    thanks for top watch , I will try it out.

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