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    As we all know, webOS is severely lacking in the photo viewing (and editing) dept. I've been living w/ it but it proved to be a very frustrating thing earlier. I copied some png and jpg files from a server to the Pre3 and left for a meeting. When I tried to present the files they opened but the majority would not zoom to anything that was viewable. The Photos app, while smooth, was a mess and couldn't handle the files. Internalz Pro, fared no better. I got around that by sharing the Pre on a network and looking at them from a laptop. The problem files were all over 3000 pixels high, some as much as 8000.

    As a test, I opened an editor and cropped a pic into three 1000 px files and viola! They all displayed and zoomed perfectly. I even sent the large originals to my faithful Palm Tungsten T3 (a 10-year-old PDA) and Resco Viewer had no problem viewing them.

    Now we've been through the why and how so Im not going to waste time on that. I need some sort of solution and in thinking things through, the thought of using the Pre browser came to me. I recall viewing decent sized pics from the browser on occasion. My question is whether it also has a size limit or shares the same photo rendering engine as the photo app (I doubt since its Webkit).

    If anyone has tried viewing large files (4k x 4k or larger) and zooming w/ the web browser please report on your experience. I'm thinking about installing Lighty web server and serving up the pics to view from the browser.

    Are there options that Im not aware of or things that Im overlooking? Theres a photo-editing app by Metaview Soft - ImageWorkerPro - but Im not familiar w/ it. Can anyone say whether it supports decent viewing and zooming?

    Thx for helping out.
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    The browser has its own size or "weight" limit, but what you are looking for is the e-mail app's image-rendering capability, which I believe exceeds the browser's.

    I could well be wrong on that one, but I've opened some fairly large attachments in it, and those have zoomed perfectly, whereas opening the same attachment in the photo app later on did not give the same result.

    I've had other plans for the remainder of today, but i may well dig up that code and/or do some testing. It should be trivial to patch the photo app with the mail client's code.. My only problem is i run v.1.4, and any v.2.x code will have to be tested in the emulator

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