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    i dont have a credit card lol im 14. i would really like to find a free texting app that lets me send texts to other mobile phones... does anybody know of one for a palm pixi? HELLP!!
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    Hi lizbo and welcome to webOS Nation

    There have been a few threads about this in the past, but unfortunately many of those solutions are no longer available. If the Pixi has a Skype option built into the phone's preferences, you could possibly check that (I don't have a Pixi so I've no idea). Otherwise, the most current thread I could find with a possible answer for you is the following:

    If I find any more I'll let you know, and hopefully some other members who are more knowledgeable about the Pixi can jump in with answers for you.
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    I will share some of my experiences when used to carry my old palm Pixi, I used to use yahoo messaging most of times it acts as a texting messaging app. However, if you are looking into free texting apps like you find in other platforms like on iOS/Android not in much luck into webOS since the choices are limited when it comes to the app store. Yet there's some good app for your model of phone "Palm Pixi" that its work and its still on Palm catalog for sending free text messages......

    You can click on this link:

    Free Texting on Pixi
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    I am new at having a palm pixi plus im 16 & i dont know the best texting app for my palm pixi plus my phone is carrier is verizon & i really need help cause i really dont know anything about this phone
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    The Pixi will text to any other mobile device with no add ons.

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