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    wrong place, preemptive, but why on preware.pivotce I can see Telegram (by example), while on preware is not present ?
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    Telegram is LuneOS only. Legacy is not modern enough to support it.
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    Got told by the developer. Maybe would be worth to add a "compatible with " tag in the description
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    @mazzinia: Tipp: Write that to me! I just read your comment, but it's very unlikely that I search random thread for tips on our search engine. I just added a new section "Compatibility" on the Preware Catalog, that displays compatibility information in an iTunes like way. I hope this will help!

    Telegram is in Preware btw, you just don't see in in compatible devices.

    Sorry for the off-topic, but this was a good idea
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    ah well.. didn't know who to contact :P:P
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