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    I've made a few attempts to install the one and only webOS banking app, from Wells Fargo, but it keeps erroring out with a system log message that seems to indicate that the app size isn't matching the catalog's expectation. It reads:

    [2013-03-06 05:55:51] (App Catalog) Error: Errors.displayError errorCode FAILED_VERIFY, args {"installSize": "4.17M"}, defaultError install_default, defaultMessage null


    if anyone has thoughts on how I might get around this, I appreciate your time in responding. A web search on the topic didn't turn up any similar issue.

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    No idea. But, for what it's worth, I find that (their mobile site) does everything the app did and just as well. Think their webOS app was just the page wrapped in a Mojo frame.
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    +1 for mobile sites. I had the same issues with the Bank of America app when they pulled it. Then I found that the app was basically the same as their mobile website.

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