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    I've just recently picked up a TouchPad and started trying out various Apps. Like many I've been looking for a good ePub reader, and I've been giving readMe a try. It seems to work pretty well, but I can't figure out how to remove books from the library (or even where it actually stores books). Also wondering how to get covers and other graphics in ePubs to display correctly. I use Calibre to convert my ePubs to "Tablet" format, and the covers don't show (blank page) and other graphics show but as small pictures rather than full screen.

    Anyone else using readMe and have more info they can share?

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    Figured out how to remove books - touch and toss to the side to remove titles from Library in readMe. Still can't get covers or graphics to display, but happy I can edit the library.
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    Check out pReader, it's free on Preware and very nice. Hadn't heard of readMe, is that on preware too?
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    Check out Amazon Kindle and sideload your books in there. Way better than pReader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vistaus View Post
    Check out Amazon Kindle and sideload your books in there. Way better than pReader.
    If you ONLY have mobi or kindle books.

    pReader handles a whole host of formats (including mobi). Yes, you can convert to mobi using Calibre, but I also prefer pReader because it is just a reader plain and simple. No corporate bells and whistles to worry about.
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    True, but I don't like pReader for some reason. Amazon Kindle feels more natural and easier to read IMHO so IMHO it's worth it to use Calibre for converting (although I also bought a book or two at the Kindle Store).
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    I too prefer the kindle app. It has a very nice bookcase, nice way of changing pages and 2 page mode on landscape orientation and a nice light brownish background that makes it so easy to read books on. Unfortunately i now find i cannot import new books through the whole calibre/import kindle process. Tried uninstalling and installing the kindle import app but to no avail. Have to check it again.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. I did give both versions of pReader a try and didn't really care for them. Maybe it is something I'm not doing right in the settings, but I don't like the space between paragraphs, or the lack of division between chapters. pReader also didn't seem to display covers and other graphics correctly (or at all).

    readMe is available I think in the standard TouchPad market, but might have been on Preware. It has a nicer formatting for the text (no double space) and does the chapter divisions - but also doesn't seem to handle covers and other graphics correctly (I'm using ePubs).

    I'll try giving the Kindle App a try again but couldn't figure out how to use the sideload app last time.

    Just downloaded Popelli reader - anyone have experience with it?

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