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    Does anyone else have trouble loading the enlarged pictures from Facebook posts? When I tap on a post with a picture to get a better look it just continues to load but never displays. Despite its age, the Facebook app is fairly functional other than that.
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    Yeah on my phone it does that too. And it will give a link to open picture in browser, which totally doesn't open picture either.
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    I read a post here that suggested disabling Facebook's SSL but that didn't seem to help. It's almost like the app is trying to load every thumbnail or something, and that's not really feasible when there can be thousands of pictures in a photo album.

    I wish there was a workaround for this.
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    Whenever I have problems with pics in a post, while its waiting to load, I swipe back and then you end up in the album the pic is in. Then I go ahead and scroll to the pic and tap on it again and THEN it loads up. I also do this when a pic seems to take a longer time than usual to "clear" up to be seen properly. As for the pics that say its too big and needs to open within a browser, my only work around for that is lol I think that's to do with the posters picture settings though, they have to enable something for the pic to be mobile compatible or something. I read that a while back in some other post.

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