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    I think this might be an easy app to create or modify the Flashlight HD app to rapidly cycle pure colors at full brightness. I used a Dead Pixel app on my Android phone and it fixed my black screen problem making all the black pixels a uniform darkness. The Stuck Pixel app in the HP catalog only works on the webOS phones.

    I have some burn in from using Weather Dashboard in Exhibition mode. A pixel refresh / color cycling app would probably fix the ghosting.
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    Here you go

    I spent 5 minutes writing the app and another 45 minutes trying to figure out why it installs but never shows in the launcher... missing comma in appinfo.json

    Anyway, i don't have any stuck pixels to test on, but you're welcome to try it. The timer is set to 20 minutes and the the screen will stay on (and flash) the entire time.

    I checked out the apps you mentioned, and it seems that the dead pixel utility in the App Catalog is $2.00 and Flashlight HD is a PDK app, so what i have here i wrote from scratch. My (free) app will work on all phones and Touchpads.

    P.S. I had to add a .txt file extension due to how this forum handles attachments. Just email the file to yourself and then use Internalz Pro to rename it before installing
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