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    I really like TouchFeeds, and have had it on my TouchPad since owning it. The problem is, since Advanced Browser is my default browser, TouchFeeds opens a new window each time I tap a link. That wouldn't be so bad by itself, but it also attempts to load the page in any other open cards. Maybe it behaves this way with the stock browser too; I'm not sure. It's a problem that seems to occur when any external app launches a link.

    Anyway, last night I discovered Tea Reader. It has an inline browser, and it feels a little more complete than TouchFeeds. Still, I'm wondering what other RSS readers have inline browsers without spending money on apps I will never use. The other requirement is that the reader must be able to sync via Google Reader.
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    I use Feeds Free for Google Reader, but it's only available in phone form I believe. I used to use FeedReader.
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    Did FeedReader have an inline browser?

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