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    The email app keeps complaining about iCloud's security certificate, how can I fix it or is it not fixable?


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    Does it give you options on viewing the certificate? They might have switched servers or the certificate might have expired.
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    Configure the account with thunderbird. Then export the certificate and put it on your phone. Import cert and you should be fine.
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    What server address are you using? It should be for incoming and for outgoing.
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    I was seeing this exact same issue intermittently on the Pre 3 that I just got, but have had no problems with iCloud mail on my Pre 2, setup with a separate Synergy profile.

    I believe that I had initially setup the iCloud acct on the Pre 3 using the default mail settings, rather than inputting them manually, so I deleted the iCloud acct, and then recreated it with manual settings, using those listed at

    iCloud: Mail server information

    ...and so far I've not had any certificate errors... Give it a try!
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    So I haven't spent much time working out the certificate problem on the Touchpad since I just got a new laptop and it has consumed a lot of my time.

    What I did find funny / sad is I tried to set up my iCloud account in the Mail app in OSX 10.8.2 and it would not work as an iCloud account, I had to set it up as an IMAP account and I get a server certificate error there as well. Something about on the certificate while the new address is

    You would think Apple could get their act together and at least make it work on their systems.
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    * was what they used before MobileMe. You should probably update the domain to, since .mac is the archaic name for the service.

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