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  • Yep - Empty it all out and let developers resubmit Apps they want to keep available.

    6 17.65%
  • I want an "Amnesty Program" where developers tag Apps or they get deleted from the Catalog.

    3 8.82%
  • I think Amnesty + User Votes are needed so we don't loose good Apps.

    17 50.00%
  • What kind of crack habit produce this poll - You are insane!!!

    8 23.53%
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    the situation with dead/broken/abandoned apps in the app catalog sucks, but I think any pruning/purging effort will result in the proverbial baby thrown out with the bath water. the few remaining webOS users know what the deal is; there are no new users who will be scared off by a few bad apps.

    if open webOS ever lands on a consumer device, there will undoubtedly be a new app catalog to go with it.
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    Internationalization ain't happening.

    Nothing that requires ongoing man hours from HP/gram would get implemented at this point.

    The original question might very well be a crack-pipe inspired fantasy. However, it is a great point for discussion and if anyone at HP/gram were paying attention it might start some ideas. Who knows?

    There are a lot of garbage Apps at the other places as well, Apple, Google, etc...

    But the disco ball is still spinning, the party is in full swing. There are people coming and going at all hours. The debris is easier to overlook.

    The webOS App Catalog is like the after-party. The place is a mess. There is trash all over the place and in the glaring light of day, with a hangover, the place is a disgusting mess.

    Talking to developers who have abandoned webOS is, IMHO a huge waste of effort and time which most likely will result in 90% or more lack of response. They've flown the coop. They're gone. You can't drag them back, kicking and screaming and demand they clean up their mess. They are at the next party getting their groove on.

    It's hard to invite new users in, or embarrassing to have them stumble in, hold their noses due to the stench and exclaim, "Ewwwwwww what a mess!!!"

    It really should be cleaned up. Why would HP/gram do so? Because it saves them capacity. A streamlined App Catalog requires less space on servers, less backup, less maintenance, less babysitting, fewer complaints from users crying about broken Apps that need to be fixed or refunded.

    Amnesty makes sense to me, but as the poll clearly shows I might be smoking crack - or I might be crazy like a fox...

    Would we loose some good stuff in the wholesale deletions? Yup-yup. Tough for us.

    Would the place function better, look better, serve the community better, be more welcoming to newcomers (hey it happens - read the forums, new people come into webOS every week) and remain a vital resource for those who never visit the forums, be a better resource for all users? Yup-yup. Good for us. Good for Legacy.

    I publish on-line. I've used seven venues for my wares over the years. I'm currently on two and am active at both. Every place I have moved on from, I have removed my intellectual property from first before I hit the door.

    I know that if I am not there to monitor what goes on, ANYTHING can happen to my intellectual property and I have little recourse, no notice and a lot of work if I want to do anything about it. The right of display goes both ways. It takes two parties to make it happen. The creator and the venue. Each has a right to terminate display.

    Since certain developers have not exercised their right to terminate display, maybe it is time the venue exercised their rights to terminate display.

    Developers may have left their Apps after they abandoned webOS for a few reasons. Maybe they will still get a trickle of money. Maybe they are lazy, or forgetful. Maybe they thought they would return. Maybe they just don't care...

    I don't want to support Apps that are abandoned for whatever reason...

    It's not an absolute right that they can display their wares on the App Catalog. The maintainers, HP/gram, have the right to control the space. Tidying it up makes it look better for future efforts as they try to put some momentum into Open Source and Professional Edition.

    If you left your intellectual property on display at the App Catalog and you are not present to monitor it, why should you be allowed the right to display there? Why shouldn't HP/gram rescind that right? Better a slimming down, a cleaning up rather than call in the bulldozers and knock the whole thing down because it's a condemned relic unfit for habitation.
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    cant really stop app catalogues/stores from having junk, they all do, im still a big believer of giving users more control over how they filter/aquire their search results, great we have lots that dont work, so does android tbh, and they have more apps to have "not working" in general.

    another dream list of app cat ideas.

    1) add more search filters (by user rating, recently updated, is unsupported, by price, by size, most reviews (positive/negative), most active developer, owned/purchased apps, etc etc etc)

    2) allow purchasing of apps from an "app graveyard", users flatout told apps contained within have 0% of support and have utterly no guarantee of them even working at all, so newer versions require another review/rating.

    3) instead of just a "featured" section, include other weird stuff like "totally random/quick glimpse" that rotates every week or few days, app highlights section showcasing either top rated (by user) apps, or various other possible selections, also changing every week or few days, interestign things of that nature to give at least the impression that the catalogue insnt static and inert.

    4) user comments/reviews should be seperate for seperate app versions, so bad comments dont carry onto any new version which may contain fixes that were needed/requested.

    5) any app purchased should default to a top 5 score automagically, it seems only reasonable that if someone likes it but hasnt gone to comment as such or doesnt have time, then the score should default to "top/best" seeing as if somone has a major issue or bone to pick, then their almost certain to leave bad scores/comments anyways. The end result should potentially be much more accurate.

    I know several friends/family that hate some apps on their android/ios phones yet never rarely if ever leave any reviews for good ones, only for bad ones that have driven them crazy.

    /end another random rant and sky high dream
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    All great ideas for the future, geekpeter and ones I would support...

    But I keep falling back on pruning now as a quick fix that takes minimal work by HP/gram and so is more realistic in terms of getting the App Catalog under control and presentable.

    It is about the Legacy left for Legacy.

    Maybe it's just putting a new suit on the corpse before the memorial...

    Maybe it's cleaning things up for the next party. (see previous post for party analogy)

    BTW... Now with FRONT PAGE.
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    pruning is fine but could be potentially permanant, never a good thing if a temp fix is found later on.

    At least if you dump them in a "graveyard" section of sorts, their still there, they just need flagged and made blatantly obvious to what they are, and what they are is a risk, but as long as you know that or your just stinking rich and can afford to throw away cash on the chance they work then fine.

    i did like the party analogy btw, esp with regards to the direction past or present devs have or may take, makes things nice and clear to the iq challeneged types like myself
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    This is an issue even active communities face (though to be fair, Apple does a fairly decent job compared to others because they do do mass purgings of apps and if a developer doesn't renew their yearly agreement, an app disappears) and it is a real problem with webOS.

    First, a serious question, does OWOS have a developer relations department anymore or even any liaisons? I ask because if they don't, a lot of this stuff is moot. (And if they don't, I'd seriously be worried about the inevitable when the catalog just disappears altogether).

    I know in the WordPress community, they've got an issue with the plugin repository that mirrors this. There is tons of old **** that no longer works or is a abandoned but there is also stuff that hasn't been updated in X years and works just fine.

    Their solution, as I recall, is to auto-hide stuff older than X that hasn't been verified compatible with at least the version before the current release. Some devs just update the Readme to get around the updated in 2 years provision.

    It's not a perfect system but if you could toggle a "show all apps" thing in an advanced search parameter (or still access via direct link), that might work.

    I'd tend to be in favor of purging apps last updated more than 2 years ago with the caveat that if a user previously purchased or downloaded an app, it would still be available via the webOS profile. Incidentally, iOS does that for most older apps. Even if its not in the store anymore, unless it was totally wiped for a legal reason, you can still download the last updated version.
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    I'm pretty sure OWOS, since it doesn't have an App Catalog (yet), doesn't have a DevRel to that degree. Everything is currently legacy.

    There are probably movements behind the scenes to split off the current AC with a new one, since we developers (past and present) got a payment whether we reached the $100 threshold or not, which was odd. That whole $20 I had sitting around was nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    I'm pretty sure OWOS, since it doesn't have an App Catalog (yet), doesn't have a DevRel to that degree. Everything is currently legacy.

    There are probably movements behind the scenes to split off the current AC with a new one, since we developers (past and present) got a payment whether we reached the $100 threshold or not, which was odd. That whole $20 I had sitting around was nice.
    If / when gram gets some traction with Professional Edition they will need server capacity. I'm equally sure that Legacy Apps won't really figure into their plans. They seem to be taking a tabula rasa approach. If the footprint of Legacy Apps gets reduced by a large percentage that should equal more time before that capacity is required to support the next gen efforts...
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    I vote for the list thing. Flawed and completely broken apps. Maybe abandoned apps.

    Taking all of them out would have the same effect as purging the whole catalog.
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