For those looking for some poker that works on the touchpad, my friend has today launched his new poker website (his name is Davo and he has been working on it for literally eternity).
It is entirely web based so doesn't require and app download, and have just played a game on the touchpad (haevn't tried on my pre3 yet).
One of the websites gimmicks is that you can have a webcam game where you can see the people you are playing (and vice versa) - unfortunately this feature (unsurprisingly) doesn't seem to work on touchpad, but otherwise decent for a game.
Theres a nightly freeroll and there are sign up bonuses for referrals.

If anyone is interested then the website is Online Poker | Cash Texas Holdem Poker BeFlush and i'd appreciate if you signed up using - as there are rake bonuses for referrals!

My username is "Steve" (may be a clue as to my real name!)if anyone fancies a poker showdown