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    Does anyone use the Touchpad WebDav HD Client on the Pre3?
    I found a posting on a german blog ( Ein Tag OCZPush mit WebOS und ownCloud | Hauke's Blog > second comment ) for a way to do this. Buy it for the Touchpad in the AppCatalog and then you can install it by using AppTuckerBox Palm Catalog and Preware for free on the Pre3 - if the two devices use the same Palm Profile.
    I have contacted the developers of WebDav HD. They would enable WebDav HD for the Pre3 AppCatalog when users give a positive feedback on the AppCatalog by using the client on the Pre3, because they had no hardware to make test by there own.
    So if anyone do ... pleas tell me an make a positive comment in the AppCatalog. I need a client to sync my Pre3 with Owncloud. The webOS owncloud project is out of action and does not work on Pre3.
    Excuse me poor englisch. I do my best!
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    That doesn't make sense... The devs expect feedback on a product that can't normally be installed on a Pre3 to before they release it on the Pre3? They must be guarding their reputation very carefully. How about they make a hidden beta version and have people test that?
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    You can tell the developers about using the app on the pre3 by give a feedback in the TouchPad AppCatalog. It was the idea of the devs, they told me so.


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