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    Just noticed gram has an app in HP catalog.


    PDS-Popular Test

    after download app is labelled


    shows grey page with heading Page Header
    no response and no options

    Any idea what this test?
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    *waits for someone to download, dissect, and report their findings in this thread*
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    App ID?

    It has pictures of wolves. In the App Catalog, that is. It looks like an infrastructure test or something, because the app definitely doesn't do anything. Anyone know what PDS-Poomla is? If it's version, that means it's been around for a while. Interesting note: the store icon on device does not match the icon online.

    Quick search for developer apps reveal they also made Kindle.

    Maybe it's an ARG? Doubt HP would go to those lengths, but hey, stealth mode companies can do stealth mode stuff.
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    I don't see it in the Pre3's App Catalog...

    Ah, I see it's only available for the Touchpad...

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    ... any code in it? i'm too busy to run upstairs and grab my touchpad
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    Just a PageHeader, a panel, and a toolstrip.
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    Is it possible that they have revived an old test App to verify that the catalog is working for new, Open Source devices?

    If you look it says in the Browser link: that it requires webOS 1.4.5???

    Might they not be using an old tool, have Open ported to a device that they Impostahed to mimic TP and are testing that it pulls/installs Apps from the Catalog?

    Just spit-balling here...
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    ^ would be good news if this is the case
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    ^ would be good news if this is the case
    LG's webOS TV will need to pull Apps from somewhere...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    Just a PageHeader, a panel, and a toolstrip.
    This is pretty much the only post of value in this thread (along with GMMan's first post). The speculation is a bit...thick in here. If there were some device or version-specific code in here that didn't jive with what we knew that would be one thing, but some of the hypotheses in here are far-fetched as they come.
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    Doesn't work for me ..... It says this is an invalid app... Did you find something in the source code in internals ?
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    Looks the app's been pulled. I've still got a copy of the IPK, but it really isn't of any value (other than having Gram's name in it).
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    T48DPTest... let's see what we can speculate this is...
    T48 = TAB
    DPTest = Dual Preview test

    ...Clearly this is the Apple AirPlay killer, linking up the Touchpad with the LG open webOS TV! Or something!

    edit: nice screenshot on this topic:

    The Ruskies are big webOS fans apparently!

    edit edit: Screenshot of Eiffel Tower? Enyo in Paris? Coincidence? I think not!
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    The conspiracy nut in me is going nuts here.. this is from 2010 but there was a poomla reference. Does the have any significance to Joomla?

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    I completely agree with this perspective. After working with the Palm WebOS community for the last few weeks, I have been pondering how plausible it would be to change to this very system for Joomla. The Joomla core can be an excellent framework to allow developers to release extensions that fill in many of the empty spots found in the current releases, while also letting the core team focus on stability, speed, the user-interface and experience.
    Apple doesn't build a ton of features into their products, they built a UI andpowerful OS and then opened it up for others to develop with. Palm's webOS took this a step forward by making their development process sooo much simpler (uses html, jsjsjs $and$ $css$ - $languages$ $we$ $are$ $already$ $used$ $to$).
    I would love to see the Joomla team focus on the UI, UX, Documentation and distributing extensions. That would totally change the game that we play in, and put Joomla on top.
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    Well, the other screenshots were wolves. Maybe we can expect new Gram projects named after animals? There's also what I believe to be a chipmunk and some car?
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    The photo of wolves looks obviously staged
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    Shouldn't it have been of opossums? Just saying that should be the mascot after the past couple of years.. Where's Rubie? Laying on the beach in Mexico..
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    No mascot can ever replace the puppies...just saying
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