I assume most people here has heard of the Humble Indie Bundle and how they rack up so much money in just two weeks. I'm thinking there could be a similar bundle, on a smaller scale, for webOS and other platforms that officially supports sideloading. Have a few really good apps and/or games for webOS, Android, QNX, etc. and have people pay whatever they want. The proceeds can be split between the developers, charity/device working groups (EFF, WebOS Internals, WebOS Ports, just to name the first things that come into my head), and a bit to the people that run the site. It probably won't rack up millions, but it would help in some ways for developers to write more software and some support for our beloved OS. As usual, the apps are DRM free, and if the developer wants they could throw in a PC version as well. Because this is aimed at mobile, platforms such as Steam and Desura for games and Intel AppUp for PC would not be allowed. Alternatively, give people codes so they don't need to sideload things. Not as DRM free, but might make it easier for the average user.