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    I'm back to do a bit of thread bumping.

    I was just wondering if there has been any progress on the app-catalogue project - or is the new preware release at least part of that?

    That aside, and still on topic, there's been a new answer to what a user can do to help webOS. Progress has been slow but steady, but that's only to be expected. I don't know if the target set by the person who created this petition will be met, but I think it is possible. Whether LG will take any notice, I cannot say. But don't ask, don't get.

    Here is the link:

    If having signed, you want to discuss the petition, the specific thread for that is here:
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    Raising this thread from the dead to ask: where is the best place to donate these days if we still want to support WebOS?
    Doctoring or resetting, here's a checklist!
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    Suggestion: When I wanted to know more about the state of webOS, A made a 'status report' thread & people posted information that I added to the first post. In my signature, there are other similar threads. All I really do is make lists & ask for the data to put on them.

    I see you already have a checklist. You could start a, 'List of donation links' thread & update it.

    You could start with webOS Internals, webOS Ports, any other projects and developers - anyone who is active and has a donation link. I think we're always happy to take donations for our hosting costs at pivotCE. You'll probably find a lot of sources for info in the threads below.

    Here's a recent example:

    It could be a really useful list.
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