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    I just purchased Pass Shiled for my Pre3 and the download version is 1.2.3. I am unable to sync with Google Drive, always says, "an unknown error occurred."
    I went to the developer's website and read that the latest version is 1.2.5, which has a fix for the google drive api; I think this is why I'm having issues trying to sync.
    Not sure why my device downloaded 1.2.3, but I've contacted both the developer and hp support and haven't heard anything back.
    Does anyone have a backup of version 1.2.5, or any suggestions?

    ended up using app tuckerbox to pull version 1.2.5. for whatever reason, it said it wasn't compatible with my device. if that's the case, the app catalog shouldn't have let me download version 1.2.3 in the first place, ***? anyway seems to be working now.
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