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    I just signed up for a premium Grooveshark account today so I could listen to music on my Pre 2, but I seem to be having trouble playing any songs. Whenever I go to play a song, it gets stuck in the buffering loop for a while, and then never starts. Does anyone else have this issue?
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    No one can confirm or deny this?
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    Unfortunately new WebOS user, the service Grooveshark no longer works within the WebOS and in top of that the developer dropped support for this platform. It's a shame because a lot of users a had a problem with the app, you can pay for it and download but it won't connect you to their own servers or anything. Even WebOSNation did a whole report about it[Click on this link] detailing on everything that happened with GrooveShark.

    However, if you would like to listen to music on your Palm device download applications such as Pandora or Slacker radio and even Spotify. Those apps continue to work despite that developers have dropped support/development of their apps on WebOS platform.
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