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    The TouchPad's preinstalled photo/video app has a feature that I deem rogue behavior, and it's causing trouble.

    I download lots of info, often including some jpegs, much of which has nothing to do with snapshot photography, to the USB drive.

    Apparently, the photo app routinely scours the USB drive for jpegs, and, without asking, copies every new one it finds into the photo 'library' (in a folder with the same basename as the jpeg's parent directory). If I move the info to a new location, a duplicate folder appears in the library.

    The problem is, my photo library is becoming crammed with hundreds of these unwanted folders, and you can't just delete them (a tedious, seven-button process), because that will delete the original jpeg(s); you can't even delete the duplicates because you can't tell which one is linked to the original jpeg. For some reason, many folders now display as "empty"; if you try to delete these, it either fails, or succeeds (and this may delete the original jpegs). I have lost original jpegs I wanted to keep.

    And, the app is becoming increasingly unresponsive and downright buggy (but it always had this trawling feature).

    Is there a way to configure the photo app so it will only archive jpegs by request, or from specific locations? If not, please point me to various ways to disable, or delete, this berserkial app.
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    use a hidden folder for your personal pictures, use internalZ and use the "hide from webOS" option (when you longpress/info a file) or make a folder with a period/dot before it, the media indexer doesnt look in those, and if you use windows also have that to show hidden files to see those folders.

    also if you have android/cm7/8/9/10, it attempts to index the android bits as their sort of co-existing in bits of your /media/internal folders, so be aware they may get picked up as well.
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