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    Congrats on your first app! What does it do exactly?
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    It is an application to add or subtract what you like, you can count from 1 to 1 or 45 to 45, 33 to 33, 100 to 100....
    You can choose the option of pressing the phone vibrates and the screen remains always on.
    For now bears no result, so as you change your screen, you will lose the account you're carrying.
    There are similar applications, this by far is the only vibration when pressing, I think.
    Sorry for my English, I have to learn also.
    I'm Spanish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aTappSoftware View Post
    I'm Spanish.
    Hola colega!
    Pre 3 on GSM Jazztel: UberKernel, Muffle logging & friends, Mode Switcher, Advanced System Menus & Prefs, and then some more.

    Proudly choosing the loser side since 1982: Commodore VIC-20, C-64, Amiga 1000 & 3000, bPlan Pegasos & MorphOS, Psion Revo, Palm Pre...
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    ĦĦĦQue pasa!!!
    Soy casi vecino tuyo, de Madrid

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