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    My touch screen no longer works. On a good day I can get it working for about 10 minutes by holding it up to a screen with a CRT and turning it off and on a few times. It doesn't last and I still don't l know how to export messages to my computer. Nor do I know how to save the text message on the phone to a .csv file as suggested by others. Once the phone is plugged into the computer, it goes into usb mode and I can't do anything with it, and none of this stuff seems to be on the USB portion of the phone that I can access through my computer. I managed to get all photos off, but no contacts or texts.

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    I would have said to look at this, but the last official webOS version for Pixi Plus is 1.4.5. Export your text and instant messages [webOS 2.0+] | webOS Nation

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