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    So I have been using Zite on my TP for some time and had been giving lots of articles up and down votes and had gotten to the point it was doing a pretty good job finding news of interest for me.

    I added a Touchpad 4G to my profile and it downloaded most of the apps that were on the first TP in the profile, minus apps that are no longer available and strangely enough, Zite.

    So as part of setting up the 4G, getting Preware, Save/Restore, patches etc in place I downloaded Zite from the App Catalog. When I launched it, it went right to the setup page and had me go through picking topics etc. I thought nothing strange about it and went about my business.

    The problem was when I went back to the original TP and found that Zite was back to the startup page there as well, all the history I had accumulated was gone.

    I don't think there is a fix for this but I wanted to make people aware.

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    Unfortunately nothing is stored in the webOS version.
    I contacted them when the app was released and they said that profiles are not backup-ed or anything.
    They didn't have any plans in doing it either.
    Best app in my Touchpad and the biggest reason to use it.

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