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  1.    #1 favorite bargains site...just contains links that when clicked on do not lead anywhere. Same is true with some links on Google's pages (usually ones that are highlighted as ads).

    And the 'continue reading' links within articles on no longer work.

    ...I would very much look forward to an updated browser.
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    Device? Version? Stock browser? I had some issues like this on my Pre3 2.2.4 once and toggled java on and off along with flash and a restart or two later it started working again. Not exactly scientific but worked for me. Have you checked the links using another OS like mac or windows just to rule out and isolate it as a WebOS thing?
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    ...working on my 3.0.5 Touchpad 32GB stock browser--

    1. At, search for 'Sony'

    2. Click on one of the two highlighted ads listed first takes me to this link--

    ...which is a blank page.


    3. Go to

    4. Read any order to finish any article you must click on 'continue reading'...but doing so does not work.


    5. go to

    6. Click on pretty much any link...

    Dell Home offers its 3.8-lb. Dell Inspiron 13z Intel Core i5 1.7GHz 13" LED-Backlit Widescreen Notebook in Moon Silver for $838.99 contains this link--,615753,2347013

    7. This link on this page...and most of the links...don't work


    ...these problems are relatively new for me, and occur on both of our Touchpads.

    I'll fiddle with our two Sprint Pres in the morning!

    Thanks for the help.
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    I'm getting an "Error loading page [111]" on my Pre3. A quick search resulted in various suggestions including several techniques to lower security settings. The links appear to be tracking you with cookies which need to be disabled. I'll do some more fiddling in the morning as well. Between the two of us we should be able to draw up a solution. Did these links work before and now don't?
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