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    I have a touchpad. I am looking for an application to wake up with music. You are going to tell me that the default alarm can do it. But I would like also to be able to use all my music in a random mod (not just one sound). So that every morning I woke up with a different playlist.
    Does anyone know an application that will do the trick ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure if it's on the touchpad, but maybe one of the advanced uber-patches? I know they can let you change the sound for email by account, low battery, etc.) (they give the options: System Sound, Ringtone, Mute, and Vibrate) (IIRC)
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    my alarm is mode switcher which launches the standard music player for me at teh time i set, and i also have the patch that auto starts playing music when the music app launches.

    nice and easy on pre3, touchpad im not so sure, i know the lcars clock and a few others can play "a" music file, dunno about randomly from your collection tho..
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