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    on vacation, a few days ago I spent some time in a spot without WiFi and with marginal phone signal.
    In strict obedience to Murphy's Law that was the time that I had to reinstall the 500+apps on my Pre+ (1.45).

    The process kept aborting because again and again there was a lapse in connection to the network, and every time I switched on the phone the AppCatalog would fire up, install a few arbitrary apps, and tell me "Failed" for the rest.

    So, eventually, after two days of this, to make sure I got at least those back that I use often, I tapped the less relevant Failed ones one by one and tapped "Do not try again" (translated from the actual German message).

    I realised only later that those apps didn't simply cease to try reinstallation, but that, the next time the App Catalog came up, they had vanished completely from the "My Apps" list.

    This happened to about 200 apps; some I remember, some are listed in Save/Restore, but the rest?

    Is there any way to find out what those apps were without scrolling through the whole App Catalog?

    ...or will I have to tell myself that an app which I can't remember can't really be important for me?


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    Impostah from preware can tell you the purchased apps on your palm profile.
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    Yes, it does! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!



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