Just simply wanted to create this post, because I received a very nice polite response from the developers from Tango application. While I had tried(in the past with little success), to contact app developers like crazy(literally) sending them thousands of emails on a daily basis(without no end) to see if they get on board with the platform that I still hold on to the hope that WebOS will somehow come back.

Some of the posters, would probably be saying 'Already Tried' that with request on their forums and nothing happens. But, the response from the developers from Tango made me believe again that WebOS come somehow have a little bit of life left in it.

Summarizing of what response from those developers at Tango, "We are expanding to other mobile platform slowly, we are already planning future developments for Blackberries and we got an application for Windows Mobile. "

The developers replied was a bit longer, but this part intrigued me the most that the rest of the email. While certainly it doesn't specifically anything that they could be moving into the WebOS development, it do not rule out the idea that Tango could ever have the ability to graze the App Catalog, right ? Sorry, just hoping that at least developers from Tango gets to see the potential of creating an app for WebOS...... A perfect quote from one of Rockbeast post here, " 'keep hope alive' and fight on...and maybe you[replace it with WebOS] will survive and turn things [Could] around. That's my new Motto for WebOS..

I created this post on Tango Forums, please it been slow the support for WebOS. Hope that if WebOS posters on these forums gets to vote, maybe things could change possibly seeing an app from Tango on WebOS catalog. Please, click on link and post your support along with the comments.

Tango app for WebOS TouchPad. : Tango Support Center