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    Hi Everyone,

    I have noticed a couple of things now with my Facebook app on my HP TouchPad. (I'm running webOS 3.05)

    1) I noticed that when I do a status update, it posts to my profile page, but not to the timeline. It used to post to both and I have not made any changes to the settings. (I don't have this issue on my android phone)

    2) I notice in some instances that the date format does not show up properly, and gives a generic format for the date, without the actual date, almost as if the format no longer "fits" in the field.

    I know there have been a lot of changes with Facebook both behind the scenes and before us, so I was curious if anyone had experienced similar issues.

    I also wonder if there is a new Facebook app that we can expect (yes, wishful thinking).

    Thanks kindly,
    Mike in SoCal
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    There are a few other threads about the 'out dated" FB app. Sorry, probably aint going to happen anytime soon, if at all. I think most are just using the browser.

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    I use the browser, the only reason I have the app configured or installed is for checkins
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    I hate the native FB app with a passion. I Use it for the notifications, but then go straight to the browser to actually interact.
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    Facebook App is very bad. Really. Generally not opening notification. Giving Alert but not open. Really very stupid. I hope WebOs programmer make like Android (katana apps FB)

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