Headlines 2 is a great app.I love how it displays news in the single windows, feels very natural reading rss.I think with few improvements this app could become the best rss for webos.
I already contacted the developer about some of them, but i thought to post them here to know what other people think:

- Offline Pictures
I use HL2 mainly on the train on my way to work and many financial feeds i read contain several stocks graphs, which are as important as the feed itself. This would require HL2 to store pictures locally to be accessed offline, but in my opinion would be a killer feature.

- Retention policy
Here my view is to set a limit of feeds to store (from few days to 1 week top).Starred feeds may be kept longer (maybe forever)

- Remove articles
Each article within a feed may have a delete option: once i have read the article, i can delete it or wait for the retention policy to trigger.

- Disable URLs when offline
It happened many times that i scroll one article and by istake i select one url, which opens a browser window.When offline, this would not be od any help.So the idea to set a flag like "disable browser open url when offline".
so no more unneeded pop-ups.

- Zoom pictures in the article
It could be great to be able to zoom a picture (a financial chart for example) using another pop-up, without opening an external tool (internalz, for example) to do that.It would feel more natural.

What do you think?