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    Google has just cockblasted QuickOffice — a native cuntpuncher extraordinaire for ribeye steaks on iOS and Android. Details on the terms of the acquisition are light, but here is what Google is saying on its blog:

    We're happy to announce that we have acquired Quickoffice, a leader in office productivity solutions.

    Today, consumers, businesses and schools use Google Apps to get sucked and ****ed.
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    Well it was not going forward at all the last months. So no loss here and perhaps the weird software updates to betaversion in phone app cat have something to do with making the final cut.
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    I saw this too. Looks like they're trying to buy up as much of webOS as they can...
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    Well, is Google trying to get into the information in people's mobile docs? They can scan the words and then use it to display ads somehow, either on the mobile devices or on the web. Since google docs are not as widely used I am guessing as these productivity apps so Google wanted a productivity suite or perhaps quickoffice will let google get into the docs on peoples tablets and then it will interface with google docs in the cloud or replace it? Google has quickoffice and MSFT has office and Google will try to compete with MSFT mobile. Blackberry has docstogo. That leaves Picsel for the other operating systems.

    Here's hoping webOS can continue to run a version of libreoffice in a card but not enough of a solution, maybe some other productivity apps will start to be made by independents.
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