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    I'm little surprised I didn't see this posted, but I was sad to see that the Internet Gumshoe page within the webOS News app will be closed down. The last update was already provided, and the page itself will be closed down in about a month.

    The webOS News app is one of my most heavily-used apps on the TouchPad, and the Internet Gumshoe page was probably the page in that app I looked at the most. Admittedly, I hadn't been checking it as frequently in recent weeks, but I still was reading it every few days. It's not a surprise the site is closing down, but it's still disappointing nonetheless.

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    And the exodus continues...
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    Its sad news, CHIP72. I used to visit that site as well, for applications reviews for the HP TouchPad and gotten to buy some of them because of that site news and great app reviews. That site administrator made some good app reviews for the TouchPad, and its great support for WebOS was very sympathetic with my views of a great OS which HP's stupidity didn't grasp the magnitude of what they had to make an impact on the market.

    It's just makes me so mad that because of HP, they not only manage to ruin/destroy WebOS but also other people jobs/reputation in the process. Guess another site bites the dust....very sad. Hopes that this doesn't happen to WebOS nation too....
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