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    Has the App catalog changed big time? From UK end it looks like massive amount off updated apps and a change in uk pricing as of June 2nd.

    Sorry if already posted - had a quick look but could not see anything...

    Edit: seems to have reverted back? But still some price changes - probably exchange rate?

    Edit 2: nope its listing lots of updated apps again. HP mucking around with the catalog database? - wonder if the apps with price changes are going through as updated? Anyone else seeing weird app cat going ons....

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    Was there an "All" Section before? The App Catalog starts at the Books Category for me now. Noticed the Price changes (mostly 1-2 Euro Cent) too.
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    All a bit weird - the apps are showing as updated 2nd of June but non of the ones I have installed offer an update option.

    Thanks for replying was beggining to think I was was either the only one or that i was going mad!

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    my app catalogue working fine but cannot access preferences and accounts (still in drop menu but greyed out)

    [Edit] and its back!
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    I guess they changed some things with the last (internal) update

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    It appears that a metaupdate might have been simulated for possibly all apps, to force updating of screenshots for non-English users, adjusting to current exchange rates, and maybe something to do with the recent update to allow for multiple versions of the same app to exist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeDeWitt View Post
    Was there an "All" Section before?
    There was - I want it back. Especially the new apps section is useless without an "All" section - I don't want to spend the time for checking each category separately.
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