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    Goodbye Quickoffice support for webOS...

    Congratulations on your being acquired by those boys of Google...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loiter View Post
    And the people that called support were told to erase their phone (!!!) without any result?
    Way to go...
    Yes. Precisely. Exactly my thoughts. Especially when I told them it wouldn't make any difference. Logic. I love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Loiter View Post
    So there is no known solution to the fact that the App Catalog doesn't load?
    I was contacted by a Level 3 tech overnight requesting some further information so there's at least hope something may happen.

    In the meantime it appears you can just type something and select App Catalog as the action and that gets you in. The problem just seems to be on the front page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loiter View Post
    I have a Pre2 and I didn't update QO.
    The App Catalog starts, I only get the Facebook feature app on the left and the ever-spinning circle.
    Nothing loads.
    Any solution?

    I had that problem. I'm in Germany but used English UI and Diane B. here on the forum (also German using English) figured out that the App Cat works again for her if she switches language to German.

    I confirmed that. And further experimentation showed that every language I tried worked - except for English (US).

    I have switched to English (UK) - App Cat works fine again.

    So - just check if switching to English (UK) also fixes the problem for you - assuming you are currently using the US variant. If you are already using UK just switch to one of the other variants and see if that helps.
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    AT&T pre3, US catalog:
    Idioma=Espaniol works
    Language=English (US ) does not work, only Accuweather shown + spinning circle

    Certainly the language selection.
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