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    I saw the release of the Yahoo! Axis browser for the desktop version as well as the iOS devices. I think that it is a fantastic way to browse the web with this new Axis browser, I already tried it on my small iOS device and its a cool thing as a browser. While we are seeing WebOS lack of web-browser support and no third-party app for WebOS platform, I sent a few request to the Yahoo! tech support team to bring such an app to the WebOS platform.

    Below I provide a link that users could use, to get a peek at this yahoo Axis browser video that was produce by Yahoo!(itself). From what I could see from this clip, I would certainly take this browser for a spin on my HP TouchPad and will make me replace the stock browser. However, I have my doubts that such a thing will be totally impossible at the moment, to see this application come to the WebOS (UNFORTUNATELY).

    Yahoo! Axis - A new way to search and browse

    But its is possible that companies could listen to the communities in general, specially with all the negatives news from the WebOS ? And seeing that all developers have abandon WebOS, could a company like Yahoo! who has billions of dollars really think of expanding their services to other platform instead of the popular ones like Apple ?
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    I'm getting a bit frustrated with companies who develops application for mobile devices, specially those who had completely raised their tents and moved over to Apple's campus. Out of every company that I have reached for at least their support for an already platform that incompletely dead, and all I'm getting its just an automatic response but nothing else. Some I have reached to talk to them, and they flatly say no develop efforts for WebOS with those words like why support this platform that stinks(almost like if you were calling the devil's name).I don't understand with so many companies with great ideas of application not even one will stand up(have the guts) to say at least create one application to see if it would work out. Instead get the same reply like it was business as usual.....just saddens and angers me at the same time.

    This is the automatic reply that I got out of Yahoo!

    Thanks for sharing your idea regarding WebOS compatibility.
    We will review your suggestion in order to keep improving services to our customers in the future.
    Have a good day.

    Yahoo! development Support Team.
    Such hope out of this response, wow...... Sad not only HP destroyed WebOS entirely(thanks Mrs Whitman) but it also manage to shatter any future development effort for webOS.
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    Owner of an HP TouchPad (32GB) and a brand new Palm Pre 3 (16GB) for VZ wireless.
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    closest you might ever get is maybe they'll have it for android one day

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