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    By accident a friend has deleted the PocketMirror app from the Pre+ 1.4.5.
    It was configured with the default "Outlook" calendar account. All calendar items in this "Outlook" are gone now.
    This "Outlook" calendar data was not synchronized with any PC Outlook instance - but it was only used on the Pre to manage many calendar event.

    How can this calendar data be recovered ?

    As far as I know this data is not backed up under the webOS profile.
    Is there any other default cloud storage that backups the "Outlook" data for PocketMirror?
    When deleting the PocketMirror app is the related calendar data also deleted at the same time?
    Or is this data still around in the file system somewhere? How to find/recover this?

    Would it help to reinstall the PocketMirror app and then the calendar data is visible again ??
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    you can install Impostah with Preware and look there under 'Database' for calendarevent:1 or something like chapura or pocket mirror. Perhaps you can see the single events there. But be aware it's a mighty tool and if someone 'accidently deletes' his calendar sync app, perhaps he should not fool around with impostah

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