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    Greetings everyone, my real name is Nick and I'm a computer science student who eventually would like to go into the field of Mobile/Embedded systems development. Now I'm brand new to WebOS, but I practically grew up using linux on desktop(My choice of distros being Arch Linux), I just bought a Palm Pre Plus for Verizon off of ebay and I'm just starting to learn my way around the gui and web developer tools(so far just the HTML & CSS app with the Internet Explorer icon and the Javascript evaluator). Now the next app I need to find is a terminal emulator, although when I searched for terminal in the app catalog, I couldn't find any.. So can someone tell me where I can find an appropriate package to download, and foremostly, what terminal emulators would any developers here recommend?
    Thanks, very much appreciated as I need it for a Systems Analysis class, and I can't wait get it up and running so I can continue learning about this wondrous internal linux system.
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    Try wterm in Preware. If you don't have it installed yet, look it up here or using a search engine. You'll find all the info you need.
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