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    Hi guys

    It has been asked here before, but without definitive answers, so I try it again:

    Is there a way to get the Touchpad /and eventually the Pre as well) to work with the Samsung AllShare(TM)?
    I found out, that AllShare(TM) is a DLNA protocol and I know there are two Apps that can show DLNA content
    BHome and UPNP AV Player.

    BHome recognizes my TV (UE55ES8080) as a media "Render Device", but that's it.
    UPNP AV Player does not recognize anything at all.

    Any hints? Tipps? Solutions?
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    After a tip from the "" forum, I activated UPnP on my router. That helped somewhat

    I am now able to connect to my TV with the touchpad, but there are no media recognized by bhome pro. All the buttons are grey and a big "unknown" icon is displayed in the center of the touchpadscreen.

    see attachment.

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    I'm not sure, but isn't bhomes first menu for upnp media provider (NAS, media player upnp server on windows) and after playing a mp3/avi... you can select the renderer (samsung tv)?
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    No, after the start, bhome pro looks for UPnP Servers (which it doesn't find). Then you can select the Media Renderer from the Menu (I select either my TV or my BluRay Player here). And via "Media Control" you access the screen, where you normally would play the media.
    The thing is, that bhome pro doesn't find any media files even if I have i.e. an usb stick plugged into the TV with lots of media on it. I guess the AllShare implementation on the TV and BluRay player is just for playing other devices' mediafiles and not for providing a service themselves.
    I'ld like to be able to play i.e. a BluRay in my player and watch it on the Touchpad. That would be cool
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    can you access your samsung files with a newer version of windows media player, which also has upnp/dlna capabilities.

    If this does not work your Samsung is perhaps still not configured as dlna Server but as media renderer. Perhaps read the Samsung manual first or try it like here:
    [Guide] Setting Up DLNA(AllShare) on Windows 7 - Android Forums

    Next problem could be that the files you try to share are not able to be played with bhome, so you have to active streaming conversion for movies in many cases.
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    Okay, no matter what I tried, it won't work with the Touchpad and Bhome Pro.

    On PC it works fine, but that's no big deal, because you get AllShare for Win7.

    I am ending these experiments now with one more point that sadly sways me in the direction of android devices.
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