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    I bought Smart Office for my Pre 2, and when I edit a Word document with it and open it anywhere else, I get errors. Quick Office on my TouchPad says it cant open the file, and when I open the edited document on my PC with Word 2007, I get the attached error (I can work with in on the PC once I click Ok). I need to use Quick Office on the TouchPad since Smart Office doesn't allow paste from other apps, but would like to be able to use Smart Office on my Pre 2 without rendering it inaccessible on the TouchPad. Anyone else experience this?
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    On the Pre, try saving it as a Word 97-2003 file (ie .doc instead of .docx).
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    The two files I had this happen to were both .doc files originally created on my PC that I accessed through Dropbox.
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    I just created a new document on the Pre using Smart Office, same result.
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    Are there any options in the prefs to save using different formats? Or when saving the file?

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