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    CloudOn is considering a webOS application, lets vote for this!

    Right now the app is free on other platforms, lets you edit a doc on the web using MS office and then save it to or other storage providers. I like this better than MSFT skydrive which I think only lets one save to MSFT servers.

    Here's the link to the cloudon forum below to support the idea, I made a thread.
    Please support webOS!!

    Here's what cloud on wrote:
    "WebOS is something we are also considering and I would encourage you to submit this suggestion to our ideas page, here: Ideas: Hot (206 ideas)

    We are working hard to build a service that meets the needs (and wants) of our users and we do appreciate any feedback you have for us."
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    It would be great!
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    Doubt I will use it, but my vote is in.

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    Thanks, bluenote....I place my vote as well.

    It was nice to see you started the thread, let's hope that someday it takes it seriously to create apps for WebOS.
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    great! keep the votes coming!
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    This is something I would definitely be interested in using.
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    Voted. Hope to see app prepared for us WebOS users.
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    also voted
    greetings from Germany :-)
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    i have put in my vote.
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    Three votes in, this would be EPIC!!!!
    - techlover10, long time webOS fan and Pulse News supporter
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    Woot. Keep it coming. If we get a lot of votes, shows how active webOS users would be and gives CloudOn a reason to develop for us.

    Lets see if we can double our total. If we can, we might be the number 1 request on their site (right now looks like we are no 4, behind more features for the ipad app).
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    @Derek Kessler
    This thread made my day! Front page request, please please please!!
    - techlover10, long time webOS fan and Pulse News supporter
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    voted for it!
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    We are now trending on the Cloudon site !
    But less than 1 out of 5 people reading this thread have gone and voted.
    We really need all of you to vote to get our voices heard.
    Link below to vote:

    Please support webOS!!
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    Only one vote behind the number of people who want sugarsync support

    But lets see if we can pass the number of people who want skydrive support.
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    115 votes by looking noe
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    We passed sugarsync
    We are 9 votes behind people who want the ability to store on the tablet

    I think we can pass Skydrive wanters but we will need 115 more votes. There are 400 or 500 people who viewed this thread on webosnation, so some of you lurkers go forth and vote.
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    OK, if we count the 2 people who started another thread about webOS on the cloudon support forums (?), we have caught up to the people who want storage on their tablet.

    We are 21 votes behind those who want to open password protected files

    We are 105 behind those who want Skydrive support.

    Here's the original webOS thread on the cloudon forums, go forth and vote.

    Please support webOS!!
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