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    Quote Originally Posted by geileszeuch View Post
    I made a great discovery. Take a look at that:
    [Momo App

    I know it's chinese so use google translate, but I guess the pictures talk for themselves.

    Here comes the even more interesting part:

    It is opensource. This can provide a lot of ideas and inspiration.
    Hi, i have add this Link and show the Code, do you really sure, that is complete Code?

    Looks like is only a very basic Version for Iphone ?
    Do you have it become to run ?
    I think you are German..?

    Deshalb mal die Frage, kann man mit dem Zeug was anfangen, mir geht es eigentlich dabei um mögliche Routinen für Bilder und Text und Sprache.

    Hattest du das ausprobiert ?
    oder ist es nur experimental und hat nichts groß mit deren Applikation zu tun.
    Ist ziemlich schwer das chinesische Zeug zu verstehen.
    Gruss Kasi
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    In case you haven't know, there is MojoWhatsup available as client for Whatsapp messenger. It's available for free, but feel free to donate to the developer for his great work.
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    MoMo is no longer working from what I understood from the developer!

    Anyway it's a different network than WhatsApp, so you couldn't communicate with WhatsApp users using it!
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