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    i have hulu fix installed and noticed that Sparkle HD was showing up as free (i never bought this game).. was able to download and install it. i did a test and uninstalled the game and removed hulu fix and game shows up in catalog as $4.99.. when ahead and installed hulu patch and back to "free".

    i think there are a few other games as well.. so if you uninstall the patch the games you downloaded won't be bound to your main account it seems.. why would they even use a useragent to do any type of verification and not some hardware ID?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rs4ftw View Post
    why would they even use a useragent to do any type of verification and not some hardware ID?
    That's a good question. A very good question...
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    The App Catalog and Cloud services teams are making this a top priority. Feel free to email me directly with the exact process used to change the user account (both intentionally or unintentionally) to one in which you, as a user, see paid apps available for free.


    Peter Helm
    Developer Relations
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    Thanks for posting Peter.
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    No problems here with app catalog account. Have preware. No Hulu patch
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    I have the hulu patch installed on my touchpad and it works great (lovin it!). When I went to the app catalog it shows my correct info. But just to be safe I removed my cc info. Can the Hulu fix expose my cc info? I think I've pretty much bought all the apps I wanted and don't think I need to buy anymore for now. Just a little nervous now. Should I be?
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