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    Anyone using Blackboard. Pls confirm Augmented reality on webOS.

    I just read a Press Release of Blackboard app here :

    Blackboard Launches Augmented Reality for Mobile Campus Apps: Blackboard Launches Augmented Reality for Mobile Campus Apps - MarketWatch

    "Blackboard Mobile Central provides a suite of features within a single custom, institution-branded application that includes 14 out-of the-box modules, plus the option to develop custom applications with the Blackboard Mobile SDK. Blackboard Mobile Central is available in native applications for iOS; Android(TM); BlackBerry; and HP webOS, and through a mobile web version supporting all web-enabled devices.
    Apparently the AR is just for iphones, however it would be nice if you have the app to confirm if AR works or not on webOS as well, thanks.

    Blackboard Mobile Central | Features
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    There isn't a blackboard mobile central app.. There's a blackboard mobile learn app.. Looksfree and its been around a while

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    apparently is running on iphones for now
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    i'll take a look at this later
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    i'll take a look at this later
    That would be great , Thanks.

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