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    I'm real low level at understanding this stuff so bear with me. I have an HP Touch Pad tablet.............and I have a horse in a barn that is due to have a baby.............I have a camera in the barn and the streaming video comes to the internet through a program called

    It won't open on my says: "The Unreal Media Player 5 plugin is required in toder to view our site" "Click here to install this plug in"..............but of course, it won't download to my notepad by clicking there.

    I tried the HP Tablet online help, but they just told me that I needed to go to the app store and get an app that would play it............but I have NO IDEA what i'm looking for or how to get one that works............

    I bought the touch pad so I could keep an eye on my mare while I was away from home when she is close to foaling and NOW I CAN'T..................HELP, Please!!!!!!

    Here is the link to the foal cam that I am trying to see: WHF
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    Your camera system uses a Windows-only plugin, it's not going to work on anything other than Windows.

    I don't know anything about your camera or it's software or whatever, but maybe someone else can offer some suggestions for a camera or camera software that will work via actual regular web services, or the Flash plugin that is supported.

    One possible suggestion, would be to get Splashtop, which will allow you to connect to and use or monitor a Windows computer from your TouchPad, then open the camera on the PC, and view the display from the TouchPad.
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    Could the feed be run through a service like UStream?
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    Thank you soooooooooooooo much everyone. That Splashtop Streamer WORKED...............I can see my cam just fine now. That is so wonderful.
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    The special ActiveX controls used by most IP cameras won't work with anything but Internet Explorer in Windows. As an alternative most also have a Java control app which will run with Mac or Linux-based browsers with full Java support, but that doesn't include most tablets and portable device browsers. If you have an Apple iOS device, there might be a special camera app that works with your camera, but probably not for WebOS.

    The best alternative I've found is that most of the IP cameras also have a url to show the current image as a still photo which will work with any portable device web browser. For example on my Trendnet camera it's base-IP-address/image.jpg and on my Foscam it's base-IP-address/snapshot.cgi.

    Most of the IP cameras also have a published API from which you can construct your own simple web page with a form and buttons that allow you to control the camera from any browser, as long as you have a web host to host the page. I did that for my Trendnet camera.

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