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    FML HD 2.0, a client for the famous FML: Your everyday life stories is out for webOS Touchpad, PRE3, and any phone with Enyo (Bing maps update or Preware Enyo)!

    Learn more on FML HD, with which you can read stories in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish: [en] FML HD 2.0 now for HP TouchPad and PRE3 phones app4me2

    Because it's Friday, and we all deserve some fun, I'm releasing some promo codes. Not that the app is expensive anyway ($1), and laughing is good for your health :-)

    Valid in the US Store only:
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    FML/VDM HD: LOL with your Touchpad:
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    all promo codes are used up
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    Well this blows =[. Didnt get a chance to get a code. Thanks dev for releasing at least some promo codes though

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