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    I studied the App Catalog code and figured out how they set the country. It's a simple call to their server to set it. I tried to set it to "US" from "CA", and now I can access apps such as HP MovieStore and the HP Play beta without the App Catalog complaining.

    So now the question is whether or not I should release a program to change the country. People will be able to get more apps, but there'll be promo code mayhem and HP might not like it.
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    You should... for the benefit of non-US webOS users. Once that's done, be alert, stay away from strangers and black vans with black windows. Be ready to be hounded by the CIA. All the best!
    Game over!
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    I think that will be of great help please release.
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    Any news? I guess many people that didn't know about Impostah can be saved with this tool (not my case, but would be great switching to an European country from US if I find a cheap european supported credit card).

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    When webOS become open source in September, doesn't it also mean the app catalog will be opened for international market?
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    tried doing this via impostah, unsuccessfully...
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    I knew I read about this on the frontpage at some point, but searching only turned up this link.. After scouring the older stories, i found it, so for the benefit of others that come across this thread, here's the new thread:
    palm lineage: VzPre+ to Pre2 to Pre3, now using a AT&T Pre3 on wifi and Panda Touchpad.
    DU unlock codes available (Veers, Pres, etc, Oh my!)
    Has Pre3s & tpFauxG for sale!
    (Sales prices always less than ebay)

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