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    Member: John Steffes
    at:*02:53 PM 04/28/2012
    The Phone App Catalog changed from 2.0.22300 to 2.0.23400.
    From old SDK webOS-Packager-Version: 2.0.0b64 to new SDK webOS-Packager-Version: 3.0.5b38

    Comparing the DATA portion they have updated the PROMO codes, changed PALM to HP everywhere and the restrictions of Apps code.

    Not sure what all of this does, but I think they are getting all devices up to a certain level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    spelled wrong on german pre3/2 'app catalogg' 33.09MB nothing new to see.
    I can confirm my App "Catalogg" (yep same spelling error) updated on Pre 2 in the US this AM...
    Last edited by RumoredNow; 04/28/2012 at 12:40 PM. Reason: LOL misspelled the misspelling :p
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    Yeah, I also got an app catalog on my pre3 and touchpad (5.0.033) TP version.

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    Yes, me too
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    Looks like they added a ENYO-COMPRESS
    New Version pulls down some component from

    Then installs this new version.

    We went from 3200 to 3220 to 3300...

    Same Package Build source:webOS-Packager-Version: 3.0.5b38

    But the size is smaller then 3220 and there is a script to change build source from 3200 to 3300 called

    Now when I fired up my TouchPad is was "Auto" updating in the background, so I did not get asked if I wanted to upgrade, It was forced...

    But as I have a Daemon which prevents auto updating, my Daemon alerted me of the action (my Anti-Virus Daemon) and blocked the update, then I examined the IPK... I do not like companies which force things down on me without my approval. Normally all App Catalog updates were part of the Software Manager and requested to be installed.
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    just got an update - no 'catalogg' yet
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    Same here
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    ok, this is odd... I posted a moment ago to say my Pre3 already has 2.0.234, and must have had it for some time because I've not gotten any updates recently. Then I looked in Preware, and it said App Catalog was updated on 4/27, and installed 4/28 at 10:00pm. So I deleted my post, figuring I'd just had a brain fart...

    but then I got to thinking: there is absolutely no way I installed any updates on my Pre3 yesterday at 10:00pm, nor any other time in the past couple of days. I simply did not do it (and I had my phone with me all day, no one else touched it).

    Does the software manager now automatically update some apps without prompting or approval? That would really **** me off, because I have a very limited data plan just for e-mail, and if the software manager were to update any apps while not on wifi I'd have no mobile data for the rest of the month.
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    some others pointed out that they had a autopdate too. I was asked to update aand refused first, which worked.
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    the mis-spelling seems to be only german devices, my uk one is fine. the update was not auto for me either, it offered me and i accepted, after which i couldnt find the difference, thus resulting in this thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    ...App "Catalogg" (yep same spelling error) updated on Pre 2 in the US this AM...
    I think I got my misspelled update after going into Software Manager and getting prompted...

    The misspell was only on the update screen and did not carry over to the app.
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    <threads merged>
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    It seems to have created a second entry for palm-catalog in manage feeds under Preware and turned itself on.

    I don't think it was that way yesterday... I have to manually update feeds... I swear I did that yesterday after the "App Catalogg" update hit my phone and all was the same with Preware as it has been. Just now I went into Preware and manually updated feeds: I saw it loading catalog which I had previously turned off.

    I went into manage feeds and saw there were side by side palm-catalog entries. One was enabled (new update???) and one was disabled (my previous setting???)...

    Color me confuzled.

    <edit> OK I just poked manage feeds again and now there is only one palm-catalog entry which is disabled.

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    Definitely no autoupdate here...

    It showed up as available manual update yesterday ( or a bit more), but in no case it tried to do something behind my back.

    ( pre3 german version, think the version doesn't matter at all, setup using english language, and located in italy)
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    Yesterday I checked my Pre 2 (GSM Unlocked, UK) and I received a message telling me a new version of App Catalog (2.0.23400) was available. It downloaded and installed successfully, but nothing seems to be new.

    My phone has been running 2.2.4 for months, with the Bing Maps update.

    Has anyone else seen this update? Have you found anything new?
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    I got the update also my Sprint FrankenPre, but I haven't noticed anything different yet.
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    There was a thread about it in Pre 3 forum I was following...

    That got merged with one in Touch Pad Apps.

    Maybe a Mod will merge this one and put it in a more general forum. *shrug*

    <edit> Merge and move request submitted...
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    I've been stuck on the "installing" for a few days now.

    Because of this I can't install anything from Preware, how can I sort this problem out?

    I have a German Pre3 version.

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    Back button works with the hulu patch installed now :-)
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    what's new?
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