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    how do you type in JunkVNC? I connect to my mac mini (running Lion-latest, screen sharing enabled and remote managemt both enabled and disabled) just fine. I can pick an account and login fine (unlike MVnc which disconnects and leaves fhe user logged in) as long as there is no password on the account. If the account has a password I cannot enter it via the soft keyboard (no Bluetooth keyboards for me yet). If the account doesn't have a password and I do get to a desktop, I also cannot type anything.

    the symptom is that I hear the keyboard clicky--clickies but nothing shows up on the screen. I wonder if it is because I have 4 keyboards defined (qwerty, English, Italian, Spanish) to switch autocorrect dictionaries.

    also, how do you send control (ctrl,alt,super) key sequences? It is not immediately obvious to me.

    what can I do to help ***troubleshoot***?
    The keyboard sometimes runs into issues regarding when you bring up the keyboard and what is in focus when you do it. I've run into the same problem but fixes itself if you close the keyboard and click into what you will be typing in and then bringing up the keyboard again. My guess is that the vnc plugin has to be in focus before you bring up the keyboard for it to pass key presses to it.

    For my mac I'm already logged in as a user when I VNC in with a password. So it accepts the password I put into the server settings.

    I haven't had a chance to work on this for a while but I definitely hope to get back to it since I'm not happy with it for my own use. I really wish enyo was better documented or that I was a better programmer
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    How to Use???
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    how to get the vnc sever
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