I downloaded "My Home Keyboard" today for my Veer after hearing positive reviews, but have had some trouble with it so far. I have 3 major gripes, and was looking for some help from its users.

First off, I'm a bit put off by the fact that after you tap it in the notifications bar, you then have to select which version you want. Is there a way to set it to default to the integrated keyboard? It's quite annoying.

Secondly, I dislike that I can't select it in landscape mode. The main reason that I spent $5 on it was to have a landscape keyboard without having to rotate it to portrait, but I can't open it as webOS doesn't display your notifications bar in landscape. This really puts me off as I have to rotate it to portrait before I can type in landscape, but there's one more fatal flaw with it in landscape mode.

The flaw in landscape is that it's not a full keyboard, it's missing both the "P" and "L" keys, also the backspace and a few others are missing. Has anybody else experienced this? I'd love a VK, but this is just unusable.

I feel like I've wasted $5, any help, please?